CNS Bank has installed 14 ATM which are connected to Central Server at Data Centre and Customer are able to do all the transactions through any of the branch of the CNS Bank.

Bank has tied up with NPCI for Rupay Network and which is linked up with more than 236835 ATM’s through 100 member bank and 790 sub member bank to access ATM all over India.

Our Customer will enjoy following facilities with safe, secure and easily.
▪ Balance Enquiry
Check your account balance at any time on any
▪ Cash Withdrawal s
Withdraw Cash upto Rs.20000/- per day
▪ Mini Statement
Get a mini statement of last 5 transaction of your account
▪ PIN Change
Change your PIN frequently for safety and security of your account
▪ POS Transaction
Customer can pay maximum Rs.50,000/- daily through POS to merchant for any purchase of goods or service.
▪ E-Commerce Transaction
Customer can pay any bills or online payment for purchase of any goods or service through internet.

Customer will get following Benefits
▪ Save Time
By banking at the ATM, you save on the time spent traveling to the branch or waiting for the teller. Customer can do any transaction through POS or E-Commerce.
▪ 24 X 7 Banking
At the ATM, you don't need to worry about reaching before closing time of the branch and banking on holidays. Customer can do any payment through POS or E-Commerce 24 X 7.
▪ No charges for any transaction on CNS Bank's ATM.
▪ Do transaction all over India in all Private, Public sector and major co-operative Bank.

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What should do if ATM Cardholder forgets PIN ?
The Customer should give letter to branch to issue duplicate PIN.

What should be done if the Card is lost/stolen ?
The customer may contact the Card issuing bank immediately on noticing the loss so as to enable the bank to block such Cards.

How many days maximum would the bank require after a complaint is lodged ?
As per the RBI instructions, banks may re-credit the customer account within a maximum period of 7 working days.

Can I use my CNS Bank Card to withdraw cash in ATMS other than CNS bank ATMs ?
Yes, you can use your CNS Card at any ATM that is part of the NFS Network. These ATMs can be identified by the prominent display of the Rupay logos.

Can I use my CNS Bank Card abroad ?
No, your CNS Bank Card cannot be used inter-nationally.

What is daily limit for Cash withdraw on ATM ?
You can withdraw Rs.20,000/- cash daily on ATM.

What is daily limit for POS Transaction ?
You can do payment maximum Rs.50,000/- daily on POS.

If any query, please feel free to contact us.