What should do if ATM Cardholder forgets PIN ?
The Customer should give letter to branch to issue duplicate PIN.

What should be done if the Card is lost/stolen ?
The customer may contact the Card issuing bank immediately on noticing the loss so as to enable the bank to block such Cards.

How many days maximum would the bank require after a complaint is lodged ?
As per the RBI instructions, banks may re-credit the customer account within a maximum period of 7 working days.

Can I use my CNS Bank Card to withdraw cash in ATMS other than CNS bank ATMs ?
Yes, you can use your CNS Card at any ATM that is part of the NFS Network. These ATMs can be identified by the prominent display of the Rupay logos.

Can I use my CNS Bank Card abroad ?
No, your CNS Bank Card cannot be used inter-nationally.

What is daily limit for Cash withdraw on ATM ?
You can withdraw Rs.20,000/- cash daily on ATM.

What is daily limit for POS Transaction ?
You can do payment maximum Rs.50,000/- daily on POS.

Do's and Don'ts of ATM Do's:

▪ Do keep your PIN (Personal Identification Number ) secure .
▪ Please memorize your PIN and destroy the printed PIN mailer.
▪ Change your PIN immediately after receiving the PIN mailer and ATM card.
▪ Always remember to take your atm card after the transactions at the ATM.
▪ Report loss of card immediately.
▪ Register for SMS banking with your branch to get ATM transaction SMS alerts.
▪ Protect the magnetic stripe from damage. Never keep the atm card near strong magnetic source like Speakers , TV and other electronic equipments.
▪ If you receive the PIN mailer in tampered state please do not accept the same. Ask for a fresh PIN.
▪ Contact the branch in case cash is not dispensed after account gets debited.
▪ Verify account statements regularly and monitor your accounts. Notify the branch in case of any doubtful transactions.
▪ Enter withdrawal amount in multiple of Rs .100
▪ Ask for Printed receipt , only if necessary. The balance details are shown on the screen after transactions.

Don’ts :

▪ Do not keep the Card and PIN together.
▪ Do not set PIN, which can be guessed Easily
▪ Do not reveal your PIN to anyone or through email/internet . Banks do not ask for such details.
▪ Do not allow anyone else to withdraw for you or help you during the withdrawals.
▪ Do not use Helmets, Cap etc while entering the ATM room.

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